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Over 50 years of history and tradition

As a boy, Antonio Simonetto moved from Veneto to Meda, in Brianza, where he began working in the workshop of the most famous cabinet makers in the area, quickly learning the trade. A few years later, in 1961, he founded his company: a workshop of enthusiastic young artisans who manufactured furniture for the Milanese and Brianza bourgeoisie, collaborating from the beginning with the most prominent architects and designers of the time. Since then, the company has been growing steadily and has been involved in the design and furnishing of rooms, apartments and houses, shops and hotels, in relation even with internationally renowned architects.

Giovanni and Carlo Simonetto inherited their passion for wood and crafts from their father. Both graduated from the University of Milan, they have worked alongside him in the family business, quickly becoming the ideal link for designers who need competent and up-to-date partners in order to carry out their projects.

The constant dialogue and constructive exchange of experiences that is established with the customer is always essential for the success of a high quality tailor-made work.

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Designers and draftsmen


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Nothing is impossible for us.

Simonetto offers an exceptional and more personal culture of furnishings that includes class, taste and refinement, but above all the personality and uniqueness of a product that has always met the different needs of a competent and exclusive clientele. Exclusive solutions as for the excellence of the selected materials, combined with skilled craftsmanship techniques and meticulous care for the on-site fitting process managed by internal specialized staff.

In the joinery and veneering department, craftsmen skilled in dealing with the latest technologies and master cabinetmakers build from scratch what a short time before had been only an approximate concept. Experienced polishers and finishers are able to work onto any material surface and create any finish. The installation team is ready to travel around the world, ready to solve any problems that may arise on site, satisfying the request of the most demanding clientele.

Our reference context is Brianza

The heart of Made in Italy furniture

Located in Meda, Brianza, Simonetto operates in a unique area in the world: an industrial and artisan district where it is possible to create any product related to high quality living and furniture design. Here you can find the best artisan companies operating in the furniture and joinery field: wood carvers, decorators, leather workers, upholsterers, bronze workers, glassmakers… all readily available to satisfy any design request.