Materials and Solutions

Simonetto is an Italian handicraft workshop equipped with the latest machinery and technologies, always looking for new materials and finishes to be working with, in order to meet every design need in the field of interior design and architecture.

Simonetto was born as a craftsmen workshop where research and development have always been playing a consistent role. This proactive approach to the Client’s needs still remains an essential part of the company DNA.

On the one hand, it is the Interior Designers themselves who stimulate us to identify materials and new processes to implement specific design ideas, on the other it is Simonetto itself who proposes innovative solutions to achieve the targets outlined.

Thanks to the vast multi-year experience, the workshop is able to better manage both projects that require classic processing, both the most modern ones.


Simonetto workshop is a master in all areas of joinery and furniture-cabinetmaking. Simonetto has a great knowledge in regard of wood and a great experience in its processing. Thanks to the consolidated relationship with suppliers who deal with the best quality of raw material, Simonetto is able to select and offer to its customers any kind of wood, sourced from all over the world.

Woods from the classic cabinetmaking school are being used, such as Italian Walnut, Cherry and fruit tree woods. Also the Rosewoods from South America and India, Macassar Ebony, Honduran Mahogany, French Oak, Maple, American walnut.

Precious woods are used for the inlays, such as Bois de Rose, Bois de Violette or briars of Walnut, Myrtle and Oak.

Refined woods such as oriental Japanese Tamo, Eucalyptus, Magnoglia, Sycamore and Plane. Tropical woods such as Wengè, Movingui or red Paduk, Bamboo and Palm.

Fragrant woods such as Lebanese Cedar, Cypress or Swiss Stone Pine.

Simonetto peculiarity in this field consists in his ability to select the best wood lots and to know how to interpret them in order to enhance their characteristics, because each wood must be understood and valued for its specificness.


We adopt design solutions that provide for the coexistence of several materials, often integrating metal in the manufacture and decoration of the unique pieces we produce. For example, the application of foils for the total covering of the surfaces, or instead only partial, with the addition of profiles and sections to create decorative elements. Metal can also be adopted as a material for conceiving the structural parts of our pieces of furniture. Most used metals are brass, steel, iron, aluminium and bronze and they can also receive chrome, nickel, silver and gold in galvanic baths. Or even other special treatments which we are proud to manage in-house.


Thanks to the experience gained over the years in collaboration with professionals in the field, Simonetto is able to find any type of leather or skin and use it appropriately to clad and line the furniture elements being manufactured. Non-stop research is carried out for the development of new solutions focused on the use of this material. The classic aniline leathers, vellums, or suede leathers are combined with special materials such as parchment, stingray, eel and decorative leathers of any kind.


Simonetto is able to use glass as a material in the manufacture of his custom-made furniture. Glass is used both in its structural and decorative function. Countless solutions can emerge from various and combined decorative applications, made internally or in collaboration with artisans in the field. The results are varied, from antique glass with metal leaves or with refined etching, to extra-clear crystals that can be coupled with metal meshes in the search for unexpected effects.

Fabrics and wallpapers

In our workshop we manage all types of fabrics and papers intended for lining externally and internally the pieces of furniture we produce. Simonetto is in fact able to stretch the various fabrics, lay the papers and manage upholstery work. Or to properly apply onto its products papers and canvases digitally decorated or treated with other special techniques.


Simonetto is able to produce custom-made hardware based on its own design and in collaboration with the interior designers who relate with us. For instance the handles and hinges of cabinet shutters and doors, knobs and decorative accessories for all kind of furniture. All objects dedicated to solving individual projects in detail. Custom-made hardware can be designed and interpreted as an object of decorative added value or as an element intimately linked to the core structure of the piece of furniture. All accessories can therefore be bespoke, also making use of expert external collaborators with whom a consolidated historical relationship is kept alive.